WhatsApp for macOS is gaining a new tint hue with the newest release

WhatsApp is presently testing a number of new features on its platform in beta. The business has just begun testing lock conversations, a new bottom ribbon for Android, the ability to immediately quiet unknown calls and more. WABetaInfo has recently revealed that the business has made some new adjustments to the official WhatsApp client for macOS. As a part of the latest adjustments, the corporation has made the tint hue Green on the app.

WhatsApp for macOS is in beta and the new Green tint is now accessible to all users using the newest version of the WhatsApp client for macOS.

WABetaInfo has also shared several pictures displaying the new tint colors. The snapshot indicates that Green is now the predominant hue of the app and it makes sense since Green is WhatsApp’s distinctive colour. In reality, the buttons and UI components are likewise in Green in the current version of WhatsApp for macOS.

The new native WhatsApp app for macOS is created using Catalyst and depends on iOS technology. WABetaInfo has indicated that there have been various adjustments made to the iOS code to enhance its operation on macOS and deliver a better user experience.

The updated WhatsApp client for macOS is ready for all users. The new WhatsApp app for macOS may be downloaded through TestFlight app as well as WhatsApp’s official website since the functionality is available in the stable version as well.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also begun distributing the Lock chat functionality to additional beta testers on Android. The functionality is now accessible to more WhatsApp beta users throughout the world. For those uninformed, the functionality enables users to lock individual conversations instead than the whole app. now, as a part of the functionality, WhatsApp has now included a separate Locked Chat section that maintains track of all the conversations that are presently locked and needs authentication to access.