Truecaller is coming to WhatsApp and why it is excellent news for users

Truecaller and WhatsApp have established a worldwide cooperation. The Sweden-based business Truecaller is introducing its caller identification service to WhatsApp and other messaging applications. This implies that Truecaller's caller identification tool will also be accessible on WhatsApp and other messaging services.

What Truecaller coming to WhatsApp implies for users

The functionality would assist WhatsApp users recognize probable scam calls over the internet. The capability will be accessible for both video and voice calls. So far Truecaller detected only the calls that consumers received through their telecom service provider and not those over the internet via third-party applications like WhatsApp and Signal. Fake calls, both video and audio, is one of the main challenges experienced by WhatsApp users.

Truecaller availability on WhatsApp

Truecaller Chief Executive Alan Mamedi stated that the functionality, now in beta phase, would be pushed out to consumers worldwide later this month (May). He, however, did not specify any timetable.

Why Truecaller coming to WhatsApp is 'excellent news' for users

One of the major difficulties confronting WhatsApp is fraud calls, both visual and audio. Telemarketers and hackers sometimes use WhatsApp to deceive naive users on the app. Such calls have been on the increase in nations globe, including India. In the past one month, there has been a dramatic increase in spam/fraud calls received through overseas lines. According to a 2021 research by Truecaller, consumers in India receive roughly 17 spam calls per month on an average. "Over the last two weeks, we have seen a spike in user reports from India about spam calls over WhatsApp," Mamedi said, stressing that telemarketers moving to internet calling was very new to the industry.

Earlier this year, India's telecom regulator urged carriers including Reliance Jio, Vodafone and Airtel to start banning telemarketing calls across their networks using artificial intelligence filters.

India greatest market for WhatsApp and Truecaller

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in India. The business argues that it utilizes spam detection technology to recognize and take action on accounts engaged in anomalous activity and allows users ban and report problematic accounts. For Truecaller as well, India is its largest market. The corporation claims of 250 million users. It has 350 million members worldwide and gets its money through advertising, subscription services, and verified listings from companies.