How to Quit Daydreaming: 2 Simple Steps to Start Living the Life You Actually Want

“The distance is nothing; it is just the first step that is difficult.”
Madame Marie du Deffand

“What is not begun today is never completed tomorrow.”
John Wolfgang von Goethe

“Never lose up on a desire simply because of the time it will take to attain it. The time will pass anyway.”
Earl Nightingale

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Maybe the most prevalent difficulty individuals have with personal growth and achieving a good change is that it remains a fantasy. That they become enthusiastic and motivated.

But soon as those wonderful feelings fade nothing truly occurs.

Life continues as normal. Your health, money or your connection with yourself remains the same.

It's incredibly frustrating. I know.

I used to read about personal growth in pretty much all key aspects of life. Yet it probably took me months or years to get starting with making any of those beneficial adjustments.


That was unpleasant. Making the adjustments seemed so large that it was simpler to simply continue dreaming about it while frustration built up inside.

So what can you do if you get trapped in daydreams? The greatest way I've discovered for beginning to bring your goals become reality is to go smaller.

Because large changes and enormous aspirations seem so inspirational and motivating. But they're also terrifying.

Therefore the most crucial step to get started and to maintain going, particularly when you are new to personal growth, is to eliminate as much pressure and expectations as you can.

That's at least what has worked and still works well for me. And in this post I’ll discuss how to achieve it in two easy methods.

1. Go for simply taking a little step.

I have stated this many times. With good cause.

It's one of the most effective strategies to minimize the strain and the expectations you may place on yourself and to start moving out of standing still or procrastination.

Now, taking just one tiny step and concentrating on that is for instance a terrific approach to become effective at school or at work.

Yet it may be applied in just about every aspect of life. If you wish to become:

Kinder and strengthen your relationships then only take one simple step by offering someone a sincere praise.
A better listener then have just one discussion today where you put as much effort as you can on learning more about the person in front of you. And honestly be there as well as you can and nowhere else in your head.
Someone with a less crowded house then start by taking 5 minutes to unclutter one shelf in your bookshelf or a drawer in your desk.
If you like, then tomorrow you may do the same tiny action and simply concentrate on that.

If you want to take a first step and get started with anything then do it now. Tomorrow so easily becomes never or at least a day many months or years into the future. Don’t make that mistake.

And if the first modest step you come up with still feels too huge to take then think of an even smaller step. Be gentle to yourself in this manner and make the start as easy on yourself as you can.

2. Go for simply taking care of today.

When you feel overwhelmed, fatigued and simply want to stop or relapse into your old and more negative behaviors then sit down for a minute.


Then restrict your focus substantially. Don’t look ahead because then you’ll see all the things you have to do to attain your goal or to build a new habit.

Instead, go smaller and concentrate on simply taking care of today.

Nothing more. Tomorrow will arrive in time. And then you will take care of it today too.

I really advocate maintaining this limited concentration a daily thing.

Certainly, you may have to undertake some planning. Do it early in the week or day. Then narrow your focus again to make your job and life lighter and more easy.

Concentrate on just the modest steps and on today and soon you will have gone quite a far.
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