How to Transform Your Life in Only 2 Minutes a Day: 10 Easy Habits

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”
Lao Tzu

“The distance is nothing; it is just the first step that is difficult.”
Madame Marie du Deffand

Making a great change in your life does not have to be about making a tremendous jump.

Yet I feel that belief is one of those things that hold individuals back from better their lives and planet.

A simpler technique that more frequently results in real action being performed and new habits being created – in my life at least – is to take smaller steps but more of them.

Therefore now I'd like to offer 10 short habits that may enable you to alter your life in only 2 minutes or so a day.

By these tiny efforts you may start to establish habits that get stronger and over time can affect your life in ways you possibly can’t envision today.

To remember to really perform one of the items below each day I suggest jotting down a simple reminder.

Place it on your nightstand so that you notice it when you get up each morning. Maybe place the note on your desk so you notice it early in your day.

If you like and if feasible, build on the tiny habit after a week or two and practice it for only a few extra minutes a day.

1. Simply start working for 2 minutes on your most crucial assignment.

I use this one at least one day per week.

On certain days I just don’t feel like getting started with work. I’d much prefer remain idly on the couch.

So on such days I merely start to work for 2 minutes on my most critical duty.

That is the bargain.

The truth is: getting started is pretty much always the toughest part.

When I have begun moving and been at work for that 2 minutes it is typically quite simple to simply continue working on that activity.

2. Evaluate and enjoy your day at the end of it.

If you accomplish positive things throughout the day and get things done then that might increase your self-esteem. If you dwell about that you have done thus that is.

So take two minutes of the end of your workday. Respect what you did and what you thought.

That is what I shall do after I am done with this essay and workday.

3. Establish a low standard for happiness for the day.

One thing I like to remind myself when I get up in the morning is this: “Have a low bar for happiness today.”

When I remind myself this and try to keep it in mind throughout the day I enjoy things more.

The food, my job, the weather, the tiny happenings of the day becomes not daily things but something I am delighted to have.

The minor or what may be something one takes for granted becomes something I now frequently stop for a second or two to take in and enjoy.

So if I get happy in my regular life for the lesser things does that imply that I become uninspired to keep striving for the greater ones?


This way of looking at my life really provides me with more energy and inspiration, life gets lighter and I feel less inner resistance as I explore and strive towards both minor and major things.

4. Breathe when anxious.

When stress catches up with you, when you start to feel nervous, frustrated and perhaps afraid because of it then take 2 minutes.

Sit down.

Breathe through your nose and do it pretty deeply with your belly.

Concentrate on simply for your breathing for those 2 minutes. Nothing else.

This will settle your thoughts down and you may continue your job in a more focused and relaxed mindset after that.

5. Open up your senses to what is present now.

Get yourself out of the past when you replay an old fight and drag yourself farther down a dismal spiral. Take yourself out of the the future when you envision a disaster during your next meeting, date or presentation.

Put yourself and your focus on where you truly are. Here and now.

Do so by sitting down for 2 minutes.

See what is directly in front of you.

Listen to the birds and automobiles outside.

Feel the light beaming in through the window onto your clothing and skin.

Feel the slight draft from one of the windows.

Be present completely with all your senses during those 2 minutes.

This will calm your mind and body. Thinking will become easy. And an optimistic outlook will seem more normal.

6. When you feel the desire to judge someone tap into understanding instead.

When you feel the desire to judge someone you know or may not know then take 2 minutes. Ask yourself these two questions:

What elements of this person can I see in myself?
How is he or she like me?
Why do it instead of judging?

Because no one likes to be evaluated in a bad manner and doing so to the people in your life doesn't assist to create healthy connections.

Additionally, the amount you tend to evaluate others typically seems to reflect how much you judge yourself too.

Therefore assist yourself to live a more happy life in those two ways by stopping when feeling the desire to judge and then select something better.

7. Consider for a minute and offer someone a sincere compliment.

Spend one minute on coming up with something you truly and really like about someone in your life and that is in the same room as you at some time throughout the day.

Spend the other minute or less on telling him or her the praise.

She or he will be pleased. You’ll feel good about yourself and maybe receive some nice sentiments too from the suddenly pleased and praised individual.

It’s a nice and modest method to develop more pleasant interactions.

8. Hug.

It’s a tiny thing yet physical contact may relieve stress and make us feel wonderful. So spend 2 minutes of each day on embracing.

Like praises it may be an easy method to develop warmer and more pleasant connections with all sorts of individuals in your life.

Just use your common judgment before you start cuddling.

9. Be interested instead than intriguing.

In the start of a discussion or to break the ice spend two minutes on asking one or a couple of questions about someone you are talking to and his or her life.

Pay attention and don’t simply wait for your chance to speak again.

The interest you provide will most likely be reciprocated and you may start to establish not just a pleasant discussion but also a giving and rewarding connection for the two of you no matter what sort of relationship it may be.

10. Change things up.

Attempt the opposite…

Eat the vegetarian meal if you usually opt for the meat.
Go away from a silly fight instead of making it worse.
Let one item go if you regularly cling to things.
Say yes to something unplanned if you frequently say no and remain with your everyday routine.
Spend 2 minutes or less in one typical or unfavorable scenario in your life today, stop for a quick consideration and then make a choice that is rare for you.

Make a practice of switching things up to have more pleasure. To expand your life in minor or greater ways. To add unexpected experiences.

To make it easier and simpler to venture out of your comfort zone in general when you actually need to.

And to feel alive.