How to Cheer Someone Up: 47 Strong Suggestions

One of the finest methods to make your own life happy is to cheer someone else up and to make their life happier.


You just see it. When the face of a family member, friend or co-worker lights up with excitement you feel happy too.

You accomplished something excellent. You will feel happy because you know deep down that you done a good thing and the right thing. And thus your self-esteem will grow too.

You tend to receive what you give in life. In the long term – over weeks, months and years – you typically will be treated by others as you treat them. Additionally – and this is something I didn’t grasp for quite some time – you also tend to treat and think about yourself as you think about and treat other people.

So, how can you cheer someone who is going through a bad moment up and make their life brighter today?

Let me offer 47 suggestions and things you can do.

Try one or two of these out today and see how it benefits someone in your life (and subsequently you and your own happiness too) (and then you and your own happiness too).

How to Cheer Someone Up: 47 Tips

1. Offer a real praise.

Ponder about it for a minute and then offer someone in your life a real compliment today. It may mean particularly lot if the praise is concerning something near to that person’s heart or if it's something that they have put in an attempt to enhance in their lives.

This is a terrific way to brighten someone’s day (and occasionally week too) (and sometimes week too).

2. Keep the door open.

It takes so little effort yet can put a grin on someone’s face and a bounce in their stride.

3. Allow someone into your lane.

As you’re driving, allow someone into your lane. It may instantly alleviate irritation and some stress in his or her life.

4. Share some of your handmade cookies.

Perhaps that scrumptious jerky, bread or ice cream you prepared earlier today. Merely a simple present that communicates your gratitude of them.

5. Give up a portion of your interest.

Like, for example, a painting, jewelry or item of clothing you produced.

6. Share some of the nice things you gathered this autumn or summer.

Maybe some of that homemade jam, tinned veggies or dry mushrooms.

7. Show your thankfulness for something that’s too frequently taken for granted.

It’s too normal to take what others do for us for granted. Like how they are there to listen, how they are performing their work properly or the meals they provide for us to enjoy.

8. Encourage.

The greatest method to aid someone in a world that might be discouraging and harsh may be to encourage them. To assist raise people up while they are in a difficult position.

Therefore offer your own balanced and constructive viewpoint to assist reduce their concerns, to release negative emotions and to help them discover hope and a road ahead once again.

9. Tell a humorous joke.

Perhaps a couple amusing anecdotes or an exciting one about something that occurred to you earlier this week.

10. Post something hilarious you discovered online.

Like hilarious videos, your current favorite music, a funny meme or one of the great things you’ve found recently like an encouraging article or social media channel.

11. Post a playlist of the most uplifting tunes you’ve discovered.

Go beyond your most played song right now if you want and share with them an entire playlist of your favorite music that you use to replenish your own motivation through tough moments.

12. Inform a friend about a podcast that inspires you or helps you with your mental health.

Or share a collection of your favorite podcast episodes or audio documentaries that offer you lots of inspiration or life altering insights regarding our time here on earth.

13. Offer a stranger a compliment.

You don’t know what type of terrible time someone you pass by in everyday life may be going through. So try offering them a complement on how amazing their hat or umbrella looks or ask them where they acquired that cool t-shirt.

14. Just listen.

Once someone vents and both get those bad ideas and feelings out and start to work out the issue they are in out loud and what they want to do about it. This may, in my experience, be a wonderful help to quit overthinking things and to not construct mountains out of molehills in one's head.

15. Assist out with some guidance.

Share what has worked for you in a similar scenario in a relationship, at work or with your own company. And if this is above your expertise and understanding, maybe gently recommend that they speak to someone who knows a lot more and to seek a little of professional advice.

16. Give them a help with setting up a meeting, party etc.

Having someone pitch in and assist out may in my experience be a major stress relief and be beneficial to organize for the next event in a wiser and easier manner.

17. Pick some flowers.

A simple thing but it may to the appropriate person who likes flowers be a beautiful combo of them feeling surprised and being able to relish a bit of nature for a few days.

18. Go out in nature together.

Another option to appreciate the sights and fragrances of nature is to go take a stroll or trek together.

This mix of fresh air, exercise and simply feeling the silence could just be what your buddy needs to get a blast of happy emotions and transform a poor day into one of the wonderful days this week.

19. Offer a hug.

An simple approach to reduce tension and improve someone’s unhappy or negative attitude very rapidly. Use this one when it is suitable however.

20. Do an errand for them.

That may alleviate tension big time if someone is having a stressful day and doesn't feel they have time to walk down to the post office or supermarket.

21. Workout together.

Sometimes the finest prescription to get those happy hormones running, to get a fresh perspective on things and rejuvenate your energy is to work out. So do it jointly with your buddy or partner to receive that boost for the two of you (and to encourage them in the right way if they are sluggish or delaying about going to the gym or going out jogging today) (and to nudge them in the right direction if they are lazy or procrastinating about going to the gym or going out running today).

22. Perform a dull chore to ease their burden today.

Having someone else washing the dishes, tidying up after cooking or doing some extra laundry may, in my experience, be a tremendous relief if I’m having a difficult or too busy day.

23. Assist them with something they’ve procrastinated for too long.

Like clearing out the garage or their closet. Or pulling the weeds out of an area of their garden. This may make a major impact since jobs like these – left incomplete for too long – can contribute to chronic stress constantly lurking in the background.

24. Prepare their favorite dish if they’ve had a difficult day.

This one definitely brightens me up on such days.

25. Pick up their favorite take out cuisine.

A faster choice than making their favorite cuisine. Yet nonetheless a pretty fantastic one and it may be precisely what they need to refuel their day.

26. Bring something lovely or sweet during the coffee break at work.

This is a smaller variant of the previous two recommendations. Simply bring some delicious fruit, a couple of pieces of dark chocolate or any other sweet treat as a fast mood boost over afternoon coffee or tea.

27. Smile.

Even if you are only chatting to the cashier for 30 seconds in the grocery or coffee shop. And that wonderful vibe is infectious.

28. Tell them to simply breathe.

Few things can calm someone down and enable them to concentrate themselves and their thoughts as concentrating on only their breathing for 1-2 minutes. Therefore advise your buddy or co-worker to take deep breaths, to breathe with their stomach and to solely concentrate on that to be in a better mental state within a few minutes.

29. Conduct a brainstorming session together.

If he or she is in a poor scenario then take 10-20 minutes and simply come up with as many suggestions as the two of you can to improve upon this issue. And no concept is too awful or ridiculous at this point.

The aim is basically to come up with as many ideas as you can. And then, when that is done, you can pick out the best and most actionable ones that you can break down into little stages that your buddy can take action on.

30. Hide a hidden, handwritten letter.

A message of affection, of appreciation or possibly one with a complement. Tuck it in their lunch box, cap or beneath their pillow. It takes only a few minutes but goes a big way to boost someone up when they are having a tough time.

31. Offer a cup of coffee or tea precisely the way the individual likes it.

Or any other warm drink they prefer such as a broth or some hot chocolate.

32. Go out for some ice cream together.

It's a simple way to transform a fast break into a wonderful time and to brighten the emotions of a loved one with the assistance of a compassionate gesture and a delectable gift.

33. Stay in for a movie night with popcorn.

This is particularly wonderful now throughout the autumn and winter when the nights are typically chilly, miserable and dark. Grab some popcorn and watch maybe one feel-good movie and one humorous movie to both discover a fresh viewpoint and have a good chuckle together.

34. Assemble some friends or a handful of family members and play board games.

Spend an afternoon or evening with some excellent eats, healthy competition and a fun board game or two to enjoy some quality time together.

35. Do what they most enjoy to do if they’ve had a poor day.

You know what your best friend, partner or kid enjoys the most. Their favorite stuff. It may be tennis, fishing, crossword puzzles, a dance party in the living room, video games or something else. Take them along to undertake the activity for an hour or two.

36. Reach out even if they are far away.

Don’t allow distance stand in the way of cheering someone up that you care about. You may utilize snail mail and send an inspirational post card or letter. Alternatively utilize Skype, make a phone call or send text messages to change someone’s mood within minutes and to make them feel better.

37. Go out for an enjoyable and rejuvenating activity.

Sometimes we all simply need a vacation from our normal lives and struggles to feel better. So go out for a spa day. Maybe half a day in a museum. Or go to the local amusement park to take on some dangerous yet exhilarating roller coaster rides.

38. Help them discover appreciation.

A easy technique to assist individuals discover a more optimistic perspective on their lives and to locate the silver lining if required is to urge them to ask themselves more useful questions. As for example:

What can I be thankful for in my life today?

Who are 3 persons who I may be glad to have in my life and why?

What are 3 things I can be thankful for about myself?

What is one item I too frequently take for granted that I can be thankful for?

39. Assist help with clearing an area of their living space and then to freshen that place up.

Maybe they have a bedroom where they really want to do some cleaning and rearranging to make a more pleasant and soothing area to sleep. And if the space needs some more tidying up then some fresh plants and maybe some new curtains may make a significant difference.

40. Help with getting an item on their bucket list done.

If you are close friends then this one might be a very nice approach to cheer them up. If they for example want to go skydiving or dine at a very fantastic restaurant then support them to take that step and eventually book it.

Maybe the two of you can come up with actions they can take to save up money for the bucket list item and a strategy for when they can schedule it.

41. Help them recognize how they make a difference in their life.

Point out how your friend or colleague is spreading compassion and happiness in their lives. Because many are ignorant of how much good they do for others or they underestimate the positive influence they make.

Therefore assist them view themselves in a more positive way so they don't fall into or become mired in low self esteem.

42. Help them assist someone else.

The two of you might for example assist a common buddy out with anything. Or join up to do a little of work at a local charity or soup kitchen.

43. Remind them of shared joyful experiences.

This is such a simple yet entertaining activity for the two of you. Cheer him or her up – and yourself too – by chatting about the vacations and nights that you will never forget, the amusing incident that occurred back in school and some of the fantastic moments and humorous memories you’ve had together.

44. Take their mind off a difficulty for a moment.

Watch a couple movies, play some soccer or go out for an evening with some delicious food and beverages. This is a basic yet fantastic item for someone who needs that diversion for a time to rest and recharge a little.

45. Conduct an activity together that somewhat shocks them into a different mood.

For example, go out for – or make – some spicy cuisine to receive that jolt from the heat. Maybe go for a cold bath. Perhaps spend a little of time in a sauna. These little shocks to the system are in my experience a simple and effective approach to modify one’s present attitude and viewpoint in a healthy manner.

46. Bring the good vibe.

If you bring optimism and an open and pleasant spirit into a discussion then that tends to spread and the two of you will likely have a better and more pleasurable lunch break or coffee date in the late afternoon.

47. Remember to pay it forward as soon as you can.

If someone does something to cheer you up and makes you a little happy again then a nice thing to remember – to create an upward spiral in your environment – is to pass that kindness forward to someone else. So just as you have been cheered up today, locate someone you can cheer up too before today is through.