How to Bring Inner Peace Into Your Life: 15 Things You Can Start Doing Now

“The simplifying of life is one of the paths to inner calm. A consistent simplicity will generate an inner and exterior well-being that establishes harmony in one’s life.”
Peace Pilgrim

“Peace is the outcome of retraining your mind to absorb life as it is, rather than how you imagine it should be.”
Wayne Dyer

The everyday life may be busy, chaotic and at times overwhelming.

It may sometimes seem that bringing just a bit more inner peace and tranquillity into your life is an impossible desire.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Simple and thoughtful modifications may over time make a significant effect.

Therefore now I'd like to offer 15 of my personal favorite techniques for finding greater serenity and tranquillity in daily life.

1. Establish restrictions.

If your life is overfilled you may need to put some restrictions. So cease doing some of the least essential things, the things that honestly don’t mean that much.

Set a limit for how many times you will check inboxes, Instagram, Twitter etc. every day. And say no if you genuinely don’t have the time.

2. Discover a relaxing method that works for you.

I prefer belly breathing and exercising exercise to release stress and recharge throughout the day.

What works for you? Long walks, music, yoga, meditation or going for a swim? Find out and do that.

3. Don’t build mountains out of molehills.

This may produce a lot of unneeded tension.

While confronting what appears like a mountain ask yourself questions like:

Does someone on the earth have it worse than me right now?
Will this matter in 5 years?
These questions enable you to zoom out and recognize that things may not be so awful and that you can manage them.

4. Slow down.

Your emotions function backwards too.

If you slow down when walking, moving your body or talking you might frequently start to feel less anxious (compared to if you move/talk rapidly).

Slowing down to minimize stress goes for many other activities you do in regular life too like riding your bicycle, working at your desk and eating.

5. Unclutter your world, unclutter your thinking.

Only take 3 minutes to simplify your desk or the area you're in. A clean, streamlined and arranged environment around you offers clarity and order to the mind.

So don’t stop there. Declutter, simplify and arrange your house and life too to live in a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. Choose a simple workstation.

My work area is merely a laptop on a wooden desk. I use a nice chair and there is space for my glass of water near the computer. That’s it.

There are no distractions here. Just myself, the computer and the ocean. This gives tranquility and makes it simpler to concentrate throughout my working hours.

7. Be 10 minutes early.

It’s a tiny habit but it has converted most of my travel time throughout the year from a somewhat or highly stressful time to intervals of relaxation and recharging.

8. Accept and let go.

Now is now. But if anything terrible from the past – something someone said, something someone did – is still on your mind then accept and allow that sensation and idea in instead of attempting to push it away.

When you acknowledge that it is then it begins to lose potency.

And although the facts may still be there in your thoughts the bad emotions become a lot less intense.

At this moment, let that item go as you are tossing away a bag of old clothing. Then refocus your attention to the current moment and something better instead.

9. Inquire instead than guessing.

Reading minds is very near impossible. Yet nonetheless we frequently attempt it and cause worry, confusion and wrong conclusions for ourselves.

So inquire and communicate instead. It may sometimes be a little hard at first but it may save you and the people around you so much grief in the long run.

10. Escape for a time.

Read a book, watch your favorite TV-show or a movie. It’s easy yet it works good to simply relieve pressure and relax.

11. Address an issue that is weighing down on you.

Don’t procrastinate anymore. Address your issue and release it and all the underlying stress and tension that it is producing in your life.

You probably already know what to do, you are just not doing it yet. Yet the more you wait the greater the strain within grows.

So get up from your chair and get started on doing it for only 1-3 minutes right now.

12. Unplug during the weekend.

Put your work – and work phone – where it belongs. Unplug or at least minimize your online use and the checking of your smart phone over the weekend.

And spend more of your Saturdays and Sundays with an undivided concentration on your family, friends, hobbies or maybe being out in nature.

13. Remember the 5 tiny phrases that’ll enable you to keep sane: one thing at a time.

By having those phrases in mind and allowing them guide you through your day and week you’ll be less stressed and more focused (and that will not only provide greater inner peace but also assist you to accomplish a better and faster job at pretty much everything) (and that will not only bring more inner peace but also help you to do a better and quicker job at pretty much anything).

14. Breathe.

When anxious, lost in an issue or the past or future in your thoughts breathe with your belly for two minutes and simply concentrate on the air moving in and out.

This will settle your body down and bring your attention back into the present moment again.

15. Remember: There's a day tomorrow too.

Sometimes you have a rough day. Maybe life interferes with your plans for the day.

And so you don’t get what you had planned or hoped for done.

The simplest method to tackle such a circumstance is – in my experience – just to calmly reassure yourself that there’s a day tomorrow too and that you can get it done then.

Beating oneself up is on the other hand not a sensible or beneficial tactic.