80 Toxic Family Quotes to Help You Move on Towards a Happy Life

During life we occasionally meet folks who are really negative. They attempt to tear us down or all too frequently criticize our aspirations and objectives.

It might be in work, at school or when we take up a new activity or sport.

But occasionally it might be in your family. Closer to you. Harder to spend less time with or avoid than, for example, someone at work.

Thus in today’s article I’d like to present 80 of the the most effective toxic family phrases.

To enable you to spot toxic family members or someone in your immediate surroundings, help you break out of the effect that person has had over you and to start living a freer, happier and healthier life now.

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Insightful Toxic Family Quotes

“Toxic family members will regard shows of forgiveness as vulnerabilities to exploit. Don't cave in to their techniques this way. If you need to forgive them for your own recovery, then do it, but keep it to yourself.”

Sherrie Campbell

“Saying ‘no' to a poisonous family member indicates that you realize what family genuinely means.”


“I have discovered the greatest method to cope with a poisonous individual is to not reply in any other way than a monotone voice and a businesslike manner.”

Jen Grice

“The more dysfunctional, the more certain family members strive to control the conduct of others.”

David W. Earle

“No matter what you've endured, the abuse was not your fault. Not as an innocent kid, adolescent, nor as an adult.”

Dana Arcuri

“Toxic parents worry more about how you make them seem than how you truly feel.”


“In my family, like in other dysfunctional families, instead of parents who behave as strong and supportive role models for their children, you get these desperate individuals who utilize their children. I was the child who sought to take on the marriage.”

John Bradshaw

“You may miss a person every day and yet be grateful that they are no longer in your life.”

Tara Westover

“Just because someone gives you life doesn't imply they will love you the proper way. Your heart understands when you have given too many chances. Family is meant to be our safe sanctuary. Quite frequently, it's the area we discover the biggest heartache.”

Lyanla Vansant

“All happy families are similar; each sad family is miserable in its own way.”

Leo Tolstoy

“The existing relationship between corporations and the employees is like marrying into a dysfunctional family. And you don't get to leave after the Christmas lunch is over.”

Bill Jensen

“Fear of something is at the foundation of hatred for others, and hate inside will finally kill the hater.”

George Washington Carver

“Toxic moms are image-oriented rather than love-oriented.”

Sherrie Campbell

“As essential as it is to learn how to cope with diverse sorts of people, genuinely poisonous individuals will never be worth your time and energy - and they require a lot of each. Toxic individuals produce unneeded complication, discord, and, worst of all, stress.”

Travis Bradberry

“Family is where you're intended to be most free, don't let blood bind you down.”

Michelle Melee

“If you accept the expectations of others, particularly negative ones, then you never will influence the outcome.”

Michael Jordan

“Let go of negative individuals. They merely turn up to discuss complaints, difficulties, terrible tales, fear, and judgment on others. If someone is searching for a container to toss all their garbage into, make sure it’s not in your mind.”

Dalai Lama

Beneficial Toxic Family Quotes

“Letting go doesn't imply that you don't care for someone anymore. It's simply understanding that the only person you actually have power over is yourself.”

Deborah Reber

“Don't allow nasty and poisonous individuals rent space in your brain. Increase the rent and throw them out.” ’

Robert Tew

“Do not get waylaid by a nasty family Whatsapp group. You battled hard to emerge as your own person in real life. Do not prey to this new medium that mimics all the tragic, poisonous hierarchies of destroyed families. Walk out. Do it now.”

Itayi Garande

“Let away of poisonous family members. Accept friends and other family or relatives that supports your route towards your objectives and goals. Because life is too short for enduring poisonous relationships and allowing them hold you back any longer.”


“Toxic family ties destroy all other relationships until you eliminate the poison before it's too late.”


“Let's break out of the habit of telling people that's still your mom, your dad, or your sister. Toxic is toxic. You are entitled to move away from folks who consistently injure you.”


“It's good to eliminate toxic family members out of your life. Blood ain't thicker than peace of mind.”


“It's not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us dads and sons.”

Jonathan Schiller

“You don't have to leave your complete family in the past, only those who don't deserve a place in your future.”


“It’s unusual for a toxic individual to modify their conduct. Most frequently, the only thing that differs is their aim and the blame they assign. While some toxic individuals are difficult to spot, bear in mind that a victim attitude is often a warning indicator. Thus, listen when someone tells about their lives and situations. If the list of persons they blame is long… it’s usually just a matter of time until you’re on that list.”

Steve Maraboli

“You don't let go of a lousy relationship because you cease caring about them. You let go because you start caring about yourself.”

Charles Orlando

“People who love themselves, don’t injure other people. The more we detest ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”

Dan Pearce

“You can't alter the poisonous actions of your toxic parents but you can determine how you respond.”


“It's alright to break links with toxic friends and relatives you've got to prioritize your own well-being.”

Brenden Dilley

“You can’t live a great life if you constantly had people around you bringing your energy or ideas down or putting you in a standstill year after year.”


“If the family you picked before your birth no longer supports your journey towards realizing your true destiny, it is never too late to choose a new tribe.”

Anthon St. Maarten

“People that attempt to tear you down daily aren’t significant in your life, therefore you best disregard their thoughts as such.”

Terry Mark

“Energy vampires prey on others because they are in agony, and their conduct is a veiled cry for assistance. Yet, the crucial thing to remember is that you are not accountable for fixing their concerns. Although you may provide aid to an energy vampire, it is ultimately their duty to sort out their struggles.”

Aletheia Luna

“Sometimes it’s better to stop something and attempt to start something new than lock oneself in longing for the impossible.”

Karen Salmansohn

“We don’t get to select our family, but we can choose our friends. With boldness, we can screen out narcissistic individuals. We may concentrate on those who do appreciate us, love us, and treat us with respect.”

Dana Arcuri

“Keep away from folks who attempt to diminish your objectives. Little people usually do that, but the genuinely great make you believe that you too may become great.”

Mark Twain

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Relatable Toxic Family Statements

“Ending the destructive loop inside your own life isn't simple. When you don't come from a healthy family, you try your best to guarantee a healthy one comes from you.”

Steve Maraboli

“Some of the toughest individuals to cut off are family members. Yet sometimes they are the big ones that need to go.”


“Weddings are never about the bride and groom. Weddings are public venues for dysfunctional families.”

Lisa Kleypas

“Families are like fudge—mostly sweet with a few nuts.”

Les Dawson

“Don't allow toxic individuals infect you with the dread of giving and receiving one of the most powerful powers in this world… love!”

Yvonne Pierre

“Letting go of toxic individuals in your life is a significant step towards loving yourself.”

Hussein Nishah

“Humans can be so ugly sometimes that the ones you love the most would only want to see you fall. It's a terrible world.”

Sidney Albury

“Sometimes you simply have to walk away. Eliminate toxic family ties because they damage more than they help. Now start establishing a new concept of a healthy family in your life, far away from toxic family members.”

John Ash

“A healthy family will sense your limits and maneuver around them, a poisonous family won't even know they're there.”


“Like all the finest families, we have our share of peculiarities, of impulsive and wayward children and of family disagreements.”

Queen Elizabeth II

“With toxic siblings, your brother or sister is never incorrect. They typically have the idea that nothing is their fault, and everyone else is wrong.”

Christene Lozano

“Narcissist parents don't care about their children's emotions at all. Only their emotions matter.”

Kim Saeed

“Parent kid connections should be pleasant and helpful. Sometimes they aren’t however. Yet you can find assistance in other areas in life though.”


“Some individuals play victims of atrocities they committed.”


“Not all toxic individuals are harsh and heartless. Some of them love us sincerely. Many of them have excellent intentions. Most are poisonous to our being simply because…they aren’t intrinsically evil people, but they aren’t the proper people for us. And as painful as it is, we have to let them go.”

Daniell Koepke

“No matter how much you love the individual, you cannot alter them. You may persuade them; but at the end of the day, they must decide for themselves.”

Robert E. Baines Jr.

“When we are raised in toxic homes, we frequently go through a time period, and for some of us, a lifetime of recreating the poisonous patterns we were reared in with other people in our lives. We do this until we decide we've experienced enough misery and choose to honestly analyze our behaviors and end the crazy for good.”

Sherrie Campbell

Short Toxic Family Quotes

“A poisonous family is far worse than a terrible relationship.”

Rohan Chouhan

“A kid should never feel as though they need to earn a mother's love.”

Sherrie Campbell

“A dysfunctional family is not a family at all, it's a poisonous connection masquerading as a requirement.”


“The whole species is one enormous dysfunctional family.”

Robert Barron

“The black sheep blazes the path for other family members to follow when they eventually spot the wolf.”


“Real love travels freely in both ways. Don’t spend your attention on anything else.”

Cheryl Strayed

“People speak about dysfunctional families; I've never seen any other kind.”

Sue Grafton

“If you cling to the bad conduct of others, it lowers you down to their level.”

Guru Singh

“Saying “No” to family doesn't make you a horrible person, it makes you an honest person.”


“Weeding out the bad influences should become the rule not the exception.”

Carlos Wallace

“You may feel bad for leaving your family behind, but you'll never regret going forward.”


“Everyone needs a place to live in, but a supporting family is what forms a home.”

Anthony Liccione

“Tragically, your deadliest adversaries will always come from your own household.”


“People only cast shadow on what's shining.”

Genereux Philip

“Blood doesn't make you family. Some of the most wicked and insulting persons in your life share your DNA.”

Temi Ade

“Let negative individuals live their negative lives with their negative minds.”

Moosa Rahat

“You didn't select your family, but you can choose how you define family.”


“A poisonous mother speaks but never listens, and she dispenses counsel but never takes any.”

Sherrie Campbell

“You create more room in your life when you reduce your surplus baggage to garbage.”

Chinonye J. Chidolue

“Dysfunctional families have spawned a few of quite fine actors.”

Gene Hackman

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

George Bernard Shaw

“People inspire you, or they deplete you. Choose them wisely.”

Hans F. Hasen

“One of the biggest regrets in life is becoming what others would like you to be, rather than being yourself.”

Shannon L. Alder

“The incorrect person will offer you less than what you’re worth but it doesn’t imply that you have to take it.”

Sonya Parker

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