25 Weekend Blessings to Make Today a Pleasant and Relaxed Time

It’s the weekend.

A moment to rejuvenate. Relax and hang out with loved ones and friends.

Maybe get a few things around the house done. And lastly, prepare a little for the following week.

To assist you with that I’d like to offer 25 weekend benefits.

I hope you’ll find something uplifting and positive here.

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Inspirational Weekend Blessings

“Here’s your Friday and weekend blessings! May your weekend be filled with love, compassion and some time for rest and recharging.”

“I hope you have had a fantastic week and you will have a self-loving and fortunate weekend, my love.”

“This weekend support others who are not so lucky. Donate a bit of food, things you don’t need anymore or a bit of your time to help them out.”

“Happiness and satisfaction will come for you and your loved ones this weekend if you retain the faith.”

“A wonderful weekend to you dear buddy! May this be a few wonderful and joyful days for you and your loved ones.”

“Count your blessings. It’s a simple approach to enrich your weekend and everyday life with more optimism and happiness.”

“Weekend blessings may arrive in ways you might not anticipate. Therefore pay attention since what looks unfavorable might teach you a beneficial lesson or bring you prosperity in the near future.”

“Do you want to spend your weekend together with me? There is no one I’d rather spend time with to make this a few fun and happy days.”

Uplifting Weekend Blessings

“Remember your family and friends in prayer for when they are blessed, you will be blessed too.”

“Spend this blessed weekend with family. Go on a trek, go to the movies or have a BBQ and simply enjoy one other’s company and the excellent food.”

“If things are rough right now, retain the faith and remember that God helps those who assist themselves. So don’t give in and keep moving forward towards your dreams.”

“The nicest weekend blessings a person can hope for are you, my friends and family. It’s all I genuinely need to be happy.”

“As you return home for the weekend, select one thing you can do for a friend or family member this weekend to boost them up and help them in their need.”

“Be the one that brings hope today. Share the sunshine in a loved one’s life and ignite pleasure in your own life by being nice to yourself and through that make it a lovely day and blessed weekend for you all.”

“Decide to do tiny acts of kindness throughout this day to make it a wonderful weekend for the people in your life.”

“Keep your pleasure in your heart today even if you slip or fall throughout this weekend.”

Motivational Friday & Weekend Blessings

“Make life what you want it to be this weekend. I believe in your and your personal power.”

“This weekend be the blessings of the elderly or students and assist them out in some manner. By listening, by offering them a hand or give something they need but you don’t.”

“Thank God it's Friday and thank you for all the blessings we have received and the one’s God has in store for you.”

“God bless you, my dear friend. You are always so kind and helpful to me and I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

“This weekend, rid yourself of your own and others' expectations. Do what you like. What you deep down want. Pray, play sports, paint a painting, spend quality time with your loved ones or just have a lazy morning in bed. This weekend is yours.”

“When you serve your fellow man then you also serve the Lord and do good work on his behalf.”

“I know that life is tough sometimes. But I believe in you. And I know that if you start by helping someone else in your life first you’ll feel better about yourself and more energized and so it will then be simpler for you to assist yourself too.”

“Memories of the weekend's past warms my heart and tells me that I may have many more weekends in my future but not the one I have right now. So I need to enjoy it as best I can at this point in time.”

“This weekend, listen more than you speak. Smile more than you frown. Give more than you receive. Share the benefits you desire to receive. That’s how we make this a great weekend for all of us.”

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