24 Easy Ways to Make Someone Happy Today

“Since you receive greater delight out of providing joy to others, you should put a large lot of consideration into the happiness that you are able to give.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the finest ways to build a happy life for yourself is to make other people happier.


You see it. You'll feel happier when someone’s face lights up with excitement.

You did a nice thing. You'll feel happy because you believe you have done a good thing. And thus your self-esteem soars up too.

You receive what you give. In the long term you tend to be treated by people as you treat them. Additionally, the way you treat and think about others also tends to mirror the way you treat and think about yourself.

So how can you make someone happier?

These are 24 relatively quick activities you may start doing now. Select one and see how it may effect someone in your life.

1. Offer a heartfelt complement. 

Many nice things tend to go unsaid. So offer someone a real compliment today. It might signify particularly lot if it's for something that is important to the other person’s heart. Maybe anything he or she has been putting in a decent effort with like getting into better condition over the previous several months.

2. Allow someone into your lane when you're driving. 

That might unstress his or her day quite a deal.

3. Keep the door open for a few additional seconds. 

That doesn’t take much of an effort yet it can put a grin on someone’s face.

4. Show your thanks for what is too frequently taken for granted. 

We may sometimes take what others do a little too much for granted. Like the meals they make, how they maintain performing their work consistently each and every day or how to they are there to listen when we need it.

5. Share some of your excellent handmade cookies. 

Maybe bread, ice cream or jerky.

6. Give up a portion of your interest. 

Like a bracelet or a sketch you have done for instance.

7. Share part of your October harvest. 

For example some jam, canned veggies or dried wonderful mushrooms or berries.

8. Encourage. 

The world may be a rough and disheartening place at times. So inspire someone who is in a terrible circumstance at the moment. Give your own possibly more grounded and hopeful viewpoint on the circumstance to minimize his or her anxieties and perhaps inflated fears.

9. Tell a good – or awful – joke. 

Share an amusing anecdote about something that occurred to you last week.

10. Post something hilarious you discovered online. 

Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up show you enjoy if you are out of jokes and nice anecdotes at the time.

11. Provide a Spotify-playlist with the most motivating and uplifting music you know. 

Give it to a buddy who needs it right now. Or share it with relatives, friends or co-workers on social media.

12. Offer a stranger a compliment. 

Few things may brighten a day like receiving a warm and unexpected praise from someone you pass by or you have just met. So spend a few seconds and offer it to someone you see today and tell her how wonderful her shoes, hat or haircut looks. Maybe ask him where he where he got that nice t-shirt or umbrella.

13. Assist out practically with guidance. 

If a buddy needs some aid then ask someone you know who has been in that scenario for guidance. Perhaps conduct a little of web investigation to see what he she could be searching for.

14. Pick some flowers. 

It simply takes few minutes yet the thrill lasts for days.

15. Offer a hug. 

It unstresses and it may interrupt bad ideas and transform someone’s attitude very swiftly. Use when appropriate however.

16. Prepare their favorite cuisine if they have had a difficult day. 

I know from my personal life that it may truly perk me up on such days.

17. Get their favorite takeaway meal. 

If you want a faster alternative than making a meal while they are having a miserable day. A variation on this suggestion is to acquire only a little piece of their favorite chocolate or other delicacy.

18. Bring something pleasant during the coffee break at work. 

Maybe some sweet fruit, like clementines. Perhaps some nice and incredibly good tea. Or maybe something from the neighborhood bakery. This may be tremendous brighten up particularly during this frequently gloomy and chilly season of the year.

19. Smile. 

Even if you're simply spending 30 seconds on chatting to the cashier in the grocery checkout line.

20. Do an errand or perform one job for that individual. 

It might be significant stress reduction if he or she is having a stressful day.

21. Just listen. 

It's sometimes all that's required to get someone out of a bad mindset.

22. Offer a cup of tea or coffee the way that individual likes it. 

It simply takes a minute when you are already awake and having a hot coffee for yourself.

23. Hide a hidden message for him or her to discover. 

A note of thanks. Maybe a message with a complement. Maybe just a letter of affection. Conceal it in their tea container, lunch box or cap for example.

24. Bring the positive. 

If you bring positivity and an open, cheerful and pleasant vibe into a discussion for example then that tends to spread and the two of you or more will have nicer lunch break, evening down at the pub or coffee date in the crisp autumn weather.