212 Three Word Quotes about Love, Life, Success and Much More

In today’s article I'd want to keep things brief and straightforward.

I’d like to share 212 of the most powerful, short three word quotes.

Short and timeless ideas about love, life, relationships, success, self-love and positive thinking.

I hope you’ll discover something here that stays in your memory and helps you out in some manner today and in the following weeks and months.

And if you want even more inspiration and strong brief words then check out this article with four word quotes and this one loaded with short quotations.

Inspiring Three Word Quotes
“Good vibrations only.”

“Hope trumps all.”

“Only hope remains.”

“Break harmful habits.”

“Happiness before success.”

“Replace harmful habits.”

“Creativity demands courage.”

“Appreciate the moment.”

“Dreams come true.”

“Go for it.”

“Try something new.”

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“Light up lives.”

“Love survives everything.”

“Passion + action = priceless.”

“Happiness is homemade.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Fight for truth.”

“Start over today.”

“Own your value.”

“Less is more.”

“Failure builds success.”

“Exercise every day.”

“Be the change.”

“Don't lose hope.”

“Eliminate time thieves.”

“Reduce negative influences.”

“Keep pushing forward.”

“Never too late.”

Three Word Quotes about Love and Relationships
“Make new friends.”

“Kindness = good vibes.”

“Judgement free zone.”

“Build quality relationships.”

“Love conquers all.”

“How are you?

“Love survives delay.”

“Make folks grin.”

“Let's be friends.”

“Friends actually listen.”

“Please forgive me.”

“Truth takes time.”

“You belong here.”

“Focus on blessings.”

“New friends = awesome.”

“True love only.”

“I miss you.”

“We love you.”

“Love your parents.”

“Chase not love.”

“You & I forever.”

“Stay near always.”

“Give before receiving.”

“Let it go.”

“Make somebody’s day.”

“Maintain your integrity.”

“Judge less often.”

“Stop overthinking everything.”

“Love without expectation.”

“Hugs every day.”

“Trust your gut.”

Three Word Quotations about Success
“Read fascinating articles.”

“Teamwork = dream work.”

“Brainstorm alternative ideas.”

“Competition fuels growth.”

“Always offer quality.”

“Procrastination steals time.”

“Identify critical milestones.”

“Manage resources smartly.”

“Reward high performance.”

“Focus and win.”

“Now or never.”

“Organize your life.”

“Teams require leading.”

“Set clear targets.”

“Winners never quit.”

“Find your mistakes.”

“Track your progress.”

“Based on action.”

“Ready, aim, fire.”

“Order aids creativity.”

“Success generates success.”

“Take tiny steps.”

“Re-evaluate and simplify.”

“Against all odds.”

“Ready, fire, aim.”

“Save some money.”

“It’s not impossible.”

“Set quantifiable goals.”

“Ask better questions.”

“Simplification lessens stress.”

“Show your work.”

Three Word Quotes on Life
“Live life fully.”

“Have significant goals.”

“Be constantly curious.”

“Life is now.”

“Make enough money.”

“Be compulsively grateful.”

“Keep it fun.”

“Life won't wait.”

“Live, laugh, learn.”

“No strings attached.”

“Get enough sleep.”

“Life is life.”

“Ride or die.”

“Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

“Trust the process.”

“Keep information flowing.”

“Embrace constant change.”

“Knowledge is power.”

“All is well.”

“Vacations are necessary.”

“Floss every day.”

“Enjoy the journey.”

“Just do it.”

“Relationships outweigh money”

“Block out haters.”

“Never drive drunk.”

“Drink more water.”

“Choose words carefully.”

“Decide. Act. Succeed.”

“You've gotta laugh.”

Deep Three Word Quotes
“Every moment matters.”

“Chase your dreams.”

“Health before money.”

“Celebrate minor victories.”

“Value your time.”

“Small start Means success.”

“Rain will fall.”

“Money amplifies character.”

“Experience trumps reading.”

“Live your potential.”

“Practice, practice, practice.”

“Consistency over inspiration.”

“Stumbled? Try again.”

“Eat something new.”

“Perfectionism prevents progress.”

“Get more sleep.”

“Life isn’t forever.”

“Life is beautiful.”

Three Word Quotations on Self-Love
“You matter too.”

“Love yourself today.”

“Self-kindness increases self-esteem.”

“You be you.”

“Oddness is OK.”

“Pursue your passion.”

“Feed your soul.”

“Your dreams matter.”

“Be the exception.”

“You deserve love.”

“Nobody is perfect.”

“Believe in yourself.”

“Perfectionism is poison.”

“Live for you.”

“Positive self-talk only.”

“Embrace your weakness.”

“Failure isn’t you.”

“Self-love grows slowly.”

“Setbacks are normal.”

“Time heals everything.”

“Make yourself proud.”

“Go beyond ordinary.”

“You are unique.”

“Self-care is essential.”

“Self-love is sanity.”

“Souls need nourishment.”

“You aren’t alone.”

“Ask for help.”

“Try self-love again.”

“We all suffer.”

“Be your bestie.”

“Gently accept yourself.”

“You’re a miracle.”

“Bet in yourself.”

“I am enough.”

3 Word Quotes on a Positive Mindset
“Count your blessings.”

“Spread nice vibes.”

“Participation equals value.”

“Never stop dreaming.”

“Let it be.”

“Never look back.”

“Do it now.”

“Learn from yesterday.”

“Love your enemies.”

“Never give up.”

“Passion, power, fire.”

“Next big feat?

“Act as if.”

“Share your dreams.”

“Stay cool today.”

“Someday becomes never.”

“Grace under pressure.”

“Seize the day.”

“Clear communication always.”

“Focus on solutions.”

“This shall pass.”

“Comparison steals joy.”

“Don’t keep grudges.”

“Little by little.”

“Progress, not perfection.”

“Laugh out loud.”

“Be yourself, always.”

“Stop negative thinking.”

“Character is destiny.”

“Emotions are contagious.”

“Positivity, love and happiness.”

“Dreams take time.”

“Interact. Inspire. Influence.”

“Strength from within.”

“Fuel your fire.”

“Everything is figureoutable.”

“Constant curiosity = fulfillment.”

“Struggle builds strength.”

“Keep the faith.”

“Positivity generates positivity.”